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Application Reports

3D ring code for the optical identification of injection molded parts

When sorting different injection molded parts a highly dependable image processing system is of vital importance for the quality assurance.

The functional basis for the image processing system is a special ring code that was specifically developed by visolution for this particular request.

It is important to generate the ring code in its original form, that is in the injection molding tool, which offers numerous advantages:

  • The code is unmistakably associated with the injaction molded part for its entire life and laso provides an absolute detection reliability.
  • Due to the simple production there are no additional costs.
  • The robust handling ensures that the code can be read in any rotational position.
  • The code enables a connection with further data, such as packaging-specific data.
  • Additional error sources are excluded, such as accidental removal (labels) or wrong application (engraving machines).

With the invention of the ring code visolution opens up unprecedented opportunities in the encoding of injection molded parts. Several visolution image processing systems are in use at one of the largest manufacturers of injection molded parts to ensure the quality of the entire production.