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Application Reports

Optical identification of brake control valves

When producing ABS and ESP control units different valves for controlling the brake pressure are automatically inserted into an aluminum carrier. To ensure the correct placement of the carrier with the valves, a visolution image processing system is used. Here the different valves are identified using customer-specific codes that can not be detected with standardized code readers.

On the upper side of the control valves the relevant code is applied by a laser system. Subsequently the code is checked for correctness and readability by the visolution image processing system.

The different valves have different surfaces, which differ considerably in their reflection. To depict these rich in contrast a specific and highly efficient lighting was developed by visolution.

The visolution image processing system takes into account the different geometrical forms of the code, so that they can not be confused.

The visolution image processing system meets all the requirements of the high demands on the detection reliability and offers a high quality standard, that is satisfying the highest security standards in the automotive production.