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Application reports

Casting numbers reading system

When creating numbers on molded parts, the quality of the numbers both during the casting process as well as during eventual sandblasting can be severely impaired.

An image processing system for the detection of these casting numbers must therefore meet the highest standards.

For these special requirements was first developed by visolution its own font to ensure the largest possible constancy during the casting process and thus allow a clear identification of the pleading.

The visolution-system recognizes the casting numbers easily and independent of:

background: e.g. black text on a black background,
font quality: e.g. writing bursts,
character size: even the smallest differences in height can be distinguished,
test position: test parts can be recognized in any position.

Thereby the visolution system has an attractive user interface that enables the teaching of different writing variations in a simple way.


Reading of casting numbers on iron cylinder heads

Fig. 1: Casting numbers on iron cylinder-head (detail) with corresponding 3D-height image

Abb. 2: Whole iron Cylinder head with corresponding 3D-height image

 Abb. 3: 3D-scanner and laser line beamer in rugged environment

Reading of casting numbers on iron engine blocks

Abb. 4: Casting numbers on iron engine block

Abb. 5: 3D-height image of the casting numbers

Abb. 6: Corresponding evaluation-image of the image processing software

Reading of casting numbers on aluminium engine blocks

Abb. 7: Aluminium-engine block with casting numbers

Abb. 8: Construction for the reading of casting numbers on aluminium engine blocks

Abb. 9: Corresponding monitor-display of the casting number of the aluminium engine block