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Application Reports

Checking of packaging imprint

By ink-jet printing different informations, like date of production, line number, section number, time, best before date, are imprinted on pizza packagings. The also existing data matrix code includes among other things the layout of the packaging.

The vision system of visolution checks whether the imprint on the packaging is correct.

Despite of the large number of variations in ink-jet printing, the visolution-system is able to read each character, what makes it unique.

The parameters of the occuring characters (both numerical and alphanumerical) are specified by their type. Thus it is ensured that e.g. "Zero" cannot be mistaken for an "O".

A specific lighting makes it possible to bring out the fontrich in contrast. Thereby is reached a high reading rate of nearly 100%.

The camera is completely operated by telecontrol by the SPC. Thus a fully automatic switch between all types and formats is possible (like e.g. the size of the folding boxes).

The imprint is country-specific. According to this the vision system has got different reading panels to its disposal.

Advantageously there are not arising any set-up times, because the SPC can change the position and sequence of the windows in any order.

Another advantage is the audit-message-server which is integrated in the camera. Thus the production process is conform to FDA-guidelines. It is documented, who has had access to the system at which time and which changes have been made, as each user has to register with his/her login name.